Thank you!

Wow! We are overwhelmed by the messages and feedback, we are receiving from you guys.

Some of you asked us to tell more about ourselves and talk about on how we came up with this idea. 

Well, actually there was not THIS particular moment! Maybe it was one of the moments we were talking with non-muslims casually and they acted really surprised when they realized that we are Muslims. Usually a lot of people are surprised of the fact, that you can have a "sophisticated" talk with Muslims. Some of them had to confess, that they know nothing about us and our daily lives but the stuff shown in the media.

That was when we started designing these products, although me (Suzan) being a lawyer with a great passion for art and design did not know anything about designing processes. All we knew was, that we wanted our products to give an honest and funny message;

"I am Muslim. SO WHAT? I am a student, lawyer, artist…. just as ´normal´ as you. (if there is a thing such as normal) My favorite food is Sushi and I am a Netflix-addict."

We believe that, creating bridges and underlining mutuality helps tearing down those walls between us, which have grown way to high. 

On the other hand we wanted to encourage the Muslim community to embrace the idea of sustainability and saying no to fast fashion. 

We think there is nothing islamic about the idea of buying huge bags full of cheap and bad quality clothes and stuff, which ends up in the trash a few months later. We don´t want to judge and we all did this at some point. Still we want to create an awareness to it and encourage Muslims to reflect this issue. 

So we gave up our jobs and started focusing on realizing this project, which is still each day a new adventure, we want you to be a part of it.  


Suzan& Fatih

Fatih KutunComment