Thoughts on Islamophobia.





Islamophobia. Islam-ophobia. The American Psychiatric Association describes the word “phobia“ as a type of anxiety disorder, defined by a persistent fear of an object or situation. We hear, read and use this word on a daily basis without questioning it. 

The word “arachnophobia“ describes the fear of spiders originating from the greek word “arachne“ for spider and phobia.

But is islamophobia really an anxiety disorder? Or is it just a romantized word for a new form of hate? Can we compare fear from spiders, heights or airplanes to a fear from a whole religion and 1,6 Billion humans?  Have we done wrong by using the word on our products? These where the questions, troubling us the last couple of days. We were thinking over and over and still don´t have an answer to it. 

If it´s simply hate, does it make any sense trying to reach islamophobs with our messages and making them rethink their view on Islam? 

If islamophobia is simply HATE, is there a point in convincing someone to change his/her mind? 

Yet, there is something we can´t deny. The word Islamophobia is currently the only word, trying to raise awareness about this issue. An issue which has grown far more than just an issue, but a whole ideology. I guess that is why we used it, without paying attention to its etymology. 

Even if there are a lot of people, who truly hate muslims, in some others it might just be a fear such as from spiders or heights.

But hey! Who said phobias can´t be therapized with cognitive behavioral therapy? 

Saying NO TO ISLAMOPHOBIA in our daily lives might not be a psychotherapy but another way of telling those people that their fear is simply irrational.


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