Staying positive is something we have learned throughout the years. For some of us it took some defeats, to realize how positive thinking encourages us and keeps us going, for others positive thinking is inherent. 

Some of you may think this blogpost is written to motivate you in pursuing your dreams and achieving everything you work hard for. 

Well… it´s not. 

It is about something all Muslims did at some point.

We see and read all the horrible crimes, which are committed "in the name" of our religion. Our first reaction is always sorrow and dismay. It should be actually. It´s is human and something our religion teaches us…Compassion. 

But the second thing, we do after all the barbaric attacks is to say: „Not in our name!“We feel that we have to dissociate ourselves from terrorism. Well this is better than staying silent but still I think it´s wrong.

Why should we dissociate ourselves from something, which has clearly nothing to do with our religion? I think it´s pretty hard to dissociate oneself from something which exists beside you and not inside yourself. Do men have to dissociate themselves from being male, when a crime is committed by a man? Or does someone expect soldiers in general to say „ Not in our name!“, when a single person or group has committed war crimes? 

Why do we always have to say what Islam is NOT? Shouldn´t we start telling people what our religion is actually about?

I don´t mean we should start missionizing or something. I just believe that a positive language creates positive associations. 

We shouldn´t let terrorists and media be the only ones to affect public perception. 

Staying positive creates further POSITIVITY. So, stay positive folks and tell me what you think about this approach.


Love Suzan  

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