Language & Identity

Languages are like melodies on different instruments. There are high- pitched instruments and low- pitched ones. Some seem to be able just to play a few tones. Other ones offer a bunch and variety of tones. Sometimes this doesn´t necessarily have to do something with the instrument but more with the player. Each instrument has an individual logic.

In a world where we all try to express our individuality, but keep constantly finding us in an unstoppable massive whirl of voices and thoughts, a time, where  smooth tones are no longer appreciated and voices and thoughts became one, is there any room left for languag(es)? 

Will there be a time in our globalized world, when humanity speaks only one global language? 

We preach diversity and tolerance and urge people to appreciate us the way we are. We find comfort in our differences and yet we want to be a part of something global. We are in a constant seek for community. But what is going to happen when we have found all these things? At the end of the whole experiment called social media and globalization, will there be enough room and needs for individual languages? Will the logic within the different instruments vanish and become a somehow Uber- logic which will be taught and indoctrinated by a global language? 

These were the thoughts I had while a was organizing my thoughts in English for a blogpost on a totally different topic. 

I truly appreciate that we are able to communicate in English. The almost global language gives us the opportunity to reach out to so many people. It made it so much easier to make friends all over the globe. We are thankful for that. But still, it changes a lot. It changes the way we think, argue and feel. The evolution of a language is a cultural process. Since our virtual diaries, social media feeds, blogs and other online activity is a big part of our life and culture in 2017 it´s a pretty natural question to ask ourselves. Will being online 24/7 affect our culture, identity and language? 

Will there be a time, when almost everyone agrees on using only English as a global common language, just as humanity has agreed on letting the internet be a part of it´s daily life at the beginning of the millennmium? Is this relatable somehow? 

What will be the consequences? 




Fatih Kutun