Ethical Consumption

We associate the words ethical consumption with ethical fashion in general or with ethical production etc. We assume that this is an obligation lying with the producers. 

You don´t have to have a degree in economics to know that all this is a question of supply and demand.  

Producing while paying attention to ethical aspects such as fair wages, absolutely no child labour (from raw materials to production), short transport routes (to minimize CO2 emissions) and all other aspects is as much as an ethical and for us an islamic obligation as it is for the consumer choosing to buy from ethical brands rather than from fast fashion chains. 

Some of our friends told us, that 69 Euros for a hoodie is far too much, since you can purchase hoodies for 30 Euros. 

Is 69 Euros a whole lot of money? Hell yeah!

Is it still affordable for an average income in Europe and the US? Totally!  

Because it depends on your behavior as a consumer. Are you willing to buy 1 timeless good quality piece instead of 3 pieces which will probably end up in your trashcan one or two seasons later?

Of course we could have sold our hoodies for less than 35 € if we would have produced them in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or other countries, where HUMANS work night and day to exhaustion to guarantee consumers to wear a fashionable tee for 9.90 €.

But we chose to spend more that 3 times more on the fact that we produced in Portugal, where our producer supplies his fabrics also in Portugal, an EU country producing highest quality garments. We don´t want this to be an advertisement for our products. We simply want to express our concern for the dramatically growing consumption these days.  

Have you ever thought of the term `fast fashion`? Why they call it FAST fashion? It´s because most chains offering fast fashion have season cycles of 2 weeks. They don´t have 2 to 4 seasons a year (which was very usual in fashion and is still usual in high fashion) but more than 20! Is this necessary? Do we really need to reinvent our style every 14 days? 

The only islamic/ethical answer to this consumption madness, affecting the living conditions and health of millions of people around the globe negatively is to change our consumer behavior by consuming less. 

One of the worlds largest beauty brands has the famous slogan: 

“ Because you are worth it! “

Since pushing our ego isn´t really matching our values as Muslims, be the one to buy less but better and say: 

“ Because my principles are worth it! “

Love S. 


Fatih Kutun