A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to share your thoughts on the topic. "Being a Muslim in the West“. Alhamdulillah we have received so many honest and warm messages, which we would love to share with you one by one on a weekly basis. Please keep sending us your stories. We would love to know and share. 

In order to provide a safe space we do respect the wish of some of you to publish your stories under a pseudonym.

Thank you Sarah (name changed) for your  beautiful story, reminding us that positivity is the right approach to ignorance and hate. 

"I am a revert from Germany and honestly it took me a lot of courage to talk to my family and friends about my interest in Islam. Alhamdulillah they reacted better than I would have ever imagined. My parents were super supportive and even studied about Islam themselves and my friends reacted almost the same way. They even go hijab shopping with me now. 

Yes, I get to hear like a million times if I am not hot in this, yes I get stares, somebody tried to rip my hijab off and and I was told to go back to the desert. But I don´t let this get close to me because I keep in mind that this life in only temporary. And there are so many good experiences to share. I made new friends, I found my husband and learned so much. 

One experience I would love to share is when I was in Munich with my husband. So we were walking near the central station when I realized a men staring at us. I got a little scared and grabbed the hand of my husband. I mean we have all heard the terrible news of Muslimahs getting pushed on the tracks. 

However the man walked up to us and was like: 'Salam alaikum, mashallah what a beautiful couple!' 

That was a moment when I realized that it´s so important to focus on the good things. Of course you must be careful nowadays, but nevertheless not everyone wants to hurt you. There are so many nice and supportive people out there who are equally scared af xenophobic people as we are. One of the most important things my grandma always told me is: 

'You can never judge a group of people. You have to look at each one of them. Even if 10 of them treat you bad the 11th might be a wonderful person.'

From my point of view that´s one of the best statements to keep in mind living in today´s society."



Fatih Kutun