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The Movement.

We believe in honesty. Not only in our lives but also in the honesty of our products. We are not glamorous and dazzling, neither is life. It´s rough, it´s challenging, sometimes it´s fun sometimes it´s not. Mainly it´s about beliefs. So are our products. The beauty lies within the simplicity, the purity, the minimalism. We believe in a understanding of belief, which means a lot more than only do´s and dont´s. 

It is every single decision, action, word and thought in our daily life.

It is about being kind to everyone.

It is about standing behind your thoughts, cultural and religious heritage.

It is also about being sustainable. 

It is about buying less but better. 

Islam is about so much. Help us telling about it. 

There is no shame in what we are. We are believers, sinners, mothers&daughters, fathers&sons, cosmopolitans&immigrants, teachers&students, judges&lawyers, everyone&nobodies.

We are U R B N, we are M U S L I M S, we are H U M A N .

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